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Acceptable Proof of Identification Documents

In order for us to transfer ownership of a vehicle, proper forms of personal identification must be presented.

We may only accept one of the following credentials for identification in order to issue title and registration documents:

1. A Valid Pennsylvania Photo Driver's License

2. A valid Pennsylvania Photo I.D. Card..commonly called a

" Non-Driver's I.D. "

3. A valid Pennsylvania Photo Exempt Driver's License

4. A valid Pennsylvania Photo Exempt Identification Card

5. A valid U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card

Dependents of Armed Forces personnel must provide a

valid U.S. Uniformed Services I.D. and Privilege Card,

commonly known as ( DD Form 1173 ).

Each of the documents above must be in the same name as the name and address listed on the motor vehicle application. If the correct address does not appear, we can help you correct and obtain proof so the titling paperwork can be submitted.

As always, if any questions please call any of the phone numbers listed on our web page. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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